Start-up help

Based in Tallinn. Work all over Estonia

Start-up help

Based in Tallinn. Work all over Estonia

Start-up help

Based in Tallinn. Work all over Estonia

Mon-Fri 9 - 19
Sat 10 - 16

from €35

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Tallinn and whole Estonia

On public holidays and weekends, the night tariff applies. The price per kilometre is calculated outside the city limits.


How to safely charge a vehicle from a donor car

– Always use batteries of the same voltage, e.g. 12V each.
– The power leads used for cigarette lightering must be intact and insulated. The engines of both cars must be switched off to avoid damaging the car’s electronics. First connect the positive terminals of both car batteries.
– Then connect the second lead to the negative terminal of your car and only then connect it to the negative terminal of the donor car. After completing the previous steps, start the engine of the donor vehicle and run it at idle for 10 minutes.
– Then the ignition of the donor vehicle is switched off, and then the ignition of the problem vehicle is switched on.

After a successful start you can hit the road, at 20km the alternator will allow the battery to build up enough charge, but it’s best to let the car idle for at least an hour.

Call for help to start the car with a dead battery

If the circumstances do not allow you to use either of these methods, the only thing left is to call a roadside assistance service and have a specialist deal with the problem professionally and as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, bringing your car back to life on your own can have disastrous consequences. Our service provides fast and inexpensive engine starting for a car with a dead battery in Tallinn and Harju County.

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